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Who is dating on dancing with the stars 2016

And that’s something I think a lot of fans lose track of: eventually, the pros are likely to get offered new opportunities for growth in their careers, and are going to outgrow the capacity they have on DWTS…yes, if they’re your favorite, it’s sad to see them go, but if you’re a true fan, you understand that they can’t stick around forever and will eventually need to move on…which is often a good thing 🙂 Any other questions/thoughts about the contracts? just hours away, ET turned to one of the show's fan-favorite pro dancers, Sharna Burgess, to spill some secrets. Sharna thinks the ladies are the ones to beat this season."I have to say that the talent we have in this cast, especially on the female side, I think it's the strongest that we've ever seen on star Erika Jayne as ones to watch this season."You want different dynamics throughout the show and you want there to be controversy. Which partner Burgess had the most "ups & downs" with: Burgess describes her season 22 partnership with "incredibly talented" Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown as a "roller coaster." Burgess and Brown are now wonderful friends and talk all the time.However, while the two were partners on the show, Burgess says, "it took us a minute to find our chemistry and our vibe and understand each other and be able to work well with each other." The pair made the semifinals and finished the competition in fifth place, but Burgess believes their awkward relationship hurt their chances."I fully believe that he could have made it to the final and gone all the way. "But our chemistry and our balance was so off in the very beginning that none of our best traits were coming off on camera. We found our groove by like, week five, but by then people had already picked their favorites, so it was too late."Semi finals baby!!!!! Thank you for giving me your all, for thriving in the countless hours of me saying 'again' 'from the top' and 'one more time', for allowing me to push you beyond your limits and for always believing in yourself, believing in me and believing in us as a team.

I know some of you were worried about Sharna, whose contract I’m guessing is expiring after this coming season (season 27) – based on what we’ve seen of other pros whose initial contracts have expired, unless they haven’t used a pro in a few seasons (I think of Allison, who we haven’t seen since season 23; or Lacey’s last few seasons on DWTS, when she was pretty much on-the-bubble as a pro from season to season), I doubt they’re going to suddenly opt not to pick them back up during contract re-negotiations, unless a pro really starts making unreasonable demands or opts not to return on their own accord.If a pro’s contract is about to expire, does that mean they’re leaving the show??? All an expiring contract really means is that a pro now has an opportunity to renegotiate their pay, the terms of their employment, the length of subsequent contracts, etc.It’s a good thing, usually 🙂 And it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re going to jump ship.From everything [I've heard], it's just going to be unbelievable."Burgess is most excited to share the big day with Murgatroyd, who has been a close friend of hers for 10 years, saying that it's "phenomenal" to watch her pal grow into a mother and bride-to-be. "The producers like to create storylines," she explained.The dancer admitted that she'll be emotional on the big day, saying, "I will cry enough for everybody! "[Audiences] like the couple that maybe might fight a little bit, the couple that's going to flirt a little bit, the brother/sister love, and the couple that's going to do amazing choreography."As far as the process of pairing the couples, Burgess speculated that "[the producers] put all of our photos on a big board somewhere, and talk about us as people, and probably psychoanalyze us, and figure out how they can get stories out of us. We never know how they do it." While Burgess admits that it sometimes seems like the producers don't get the pairings quite right, she's been lucky with their choices for her."They always have a 'grand idea,'" she explained.

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Another interesting contractual “thing” we’ve noticed: Val, Mark, Emma, & Sasha have all been allowed to choreograph in the off-season for SYTYCD – but Derek was always prohibited from doing so.

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