We are updating our website

We are updating our website

From now on both members will need to hotlist each other if they want to talk to each other, but don’t worry about missing someone who likes you.

This is because you can use the Hotlist feature to see which members are interested in you, so you can match with the most relevant people!

These are just four of the new features that users can expect to see on our brand new website, but that isn’t all; there is much more!

The design of the website will also be completely different, and there are lots of other features that we will announce before May – so keep your eyes peeled for another newsletter about the new website next week.

Disclaimer The website administration team has made every effort to provide information which is accurate and up to-date.

After months of hard work and effort, we are very happy to announce the launch of our new website!

Access your online account to renew your registration Find out how to renew your registration using your online account Webinar on CPD audit process Professions currently in Renewal Click here to download our poster which highlights the registration renewal start and end dates.

BSPA Registrar 30/12/2015 OWNERSHIP CHANGES: If you have purchased a horse/pony with a BSPA Passport document and have not yet returned the document to BSPA for ownership change processing then youu MUSTdo so immediately or within 30 days of purchase.. If you are unsure please call the BSPA Telephone advice line between 10am-4pm Monday-Friday incl..

News, comments and feedback from our readers is always welcomed and is very important to us.

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This wonderful offer means that new customers will be able to experience a VIP account before they decide if they want to upgrade or not!

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