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Now that many of us have the power to do what we want…we need to make sure we are doing the right things and not leaning too much on validation to the point of becoming counter productive.Note: The material discussed in this section also applies to validating when using the SAX parser.You're seeing it here, because at this point you've learned enough about namespaces for the discussion to make sense.When parsed, each element in the data set will be validated against the appropriate schema, as long as those schemas have been declared.Again, the schemas can be declared either as part of the XML data set or in the program. In general, though, it is a good idea to keep all the declarations together in one place.) To declare the schemas to use for the preceding example in the data set, the XML code would look something like this: declaration consists of entry pairs, where the first entry in each pair is a fully qualified URI that specifies the namespace, and the second entry contains a full path or a relative path to the schema definition.Anne Hjortshoj — one of my very smart colleagues — always says…

If the schema definition does not define a target namespace, then it applies to the default (unnamed, or null) namespace.There are two ways to do that: have a namespace prefix--that is, for the elements you typically define in any simple, uncomplicated XML document.(You'll see how to deal with multiple namespaces in the next section.) You can also specify the schema file in the application: Here, too, there are mechanisms at your disposal that will let you specify multiple schemas. Namespaces let you combine elements that serve different purposes in the same document without having to worry about overlapping names.It doesn't have any value to speak of (no name), but it is still precisely defined.So a namespace that does have a name can never be used as the default namespace.

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