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Updating speed of wireless network

This instantly improved my download and upload speeds. And I didn't think it was because it's software that came from Asus as part of it's driver download for my z170-a motherboard (just built a new computer). I've been racking my head over this for almost two days straight.

The upgrade took about 35 minutes and seem to go smoothly. The first time I connected, the connection stayed up for two... It sounds like the upgrade will be sent by MS at their will. After the installation the internet speed is slow down like a dial in connection (it is slow down if I am using wifi connection and it is fine if I am using a cable/wired connection).It is taking long time to load the web page (like google, gmail etc) and it is not streaming any video from youtube/netflix.This instantly improved my download and upload speeds. Apparently I had mistakenly installed a program called "c Fos Speed Internet Accelerator Ping Optimizer" during my transition to Windows 10, thinking it was an essential driver.I've uninstalled it now, and Xfast Lan is bringing up an error, but the internet speed is still improved. I disabled it by going to Control Panel Networking and deselecting "c Fos Speed for faster internet connections (NDIS 6)".

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On my case the problem was the security wifi protocol. For me there is no reason to this to work, but solved my problem. Last week, I noticed that my internet bill was going up faster than my internet speed. Unfortunately I only have my mobile as a hot spot to use for Internet so I can not connect an ether net...

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