Updating dictionary constant rejection dating

Updating dictionary

But when he changed a component of the key, the Dictionary had no way to know the hash code (and thus the bucket it was in) could have changed as well.

Even though calling Get Hash Code on the updated key returns a matching value, the hash code the Dictionary stores internally is out of date, and doesn't match the key sought.

Later, he attempted to find a value in the dictionary calling Contains/Contains Key, and it never found it.

The keys appeared to match in the debugger; each property of the key class instances was equal.

When the external code initially populated the Dictionary, the Dictionary internally got the hash code for each key, and used that to store the value in the correct bucket.The key of the dictionary is a custom class with simple int properties that implements IEquatable, kind of like a composite key, but only part of the key was populated.He needed all components of the key populated, so he looped through its items and populated those keys.any hystricomorph rodent of the genus Dasyprocta, of Central and South America and the Caribbean : family Dasyproctidae.Solution: Use Word to create a new custom dictionary and add words from the corrupt dictionary to it A custom dictionary has a special file format, and it can get corrupted if it's saved in a different format.

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Dictionary") For i = 2 To numrows schname = Active Sheet.

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