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MS-DOS (short for Microsoft Disk Operating System) was the main operating system used by IBM-compatible PCs in the eighties and for much of the nineties.

Isis was the ancient Egyptian goddess of fertility, as well as the protector of the dead and the goddess of children.

The issue with CT scans is that they use x-rays, and high doses of radiation can be harmful, causing damage that is cumulative over time. When Mendeleev classified elements according to their chemical properties, he noticed patterns and was able to group elements into his famous 1869 Periodic Table.

The Danish pastry that we know so well over here in the US is indeed a Danish specialty, although the recipe was brought to Denmark by Austrian bakers. So powerful was his table that he actually predicted the properties of some elements that had not even been discovered in 1869.

A “baker’s dozen” is thirteen, with the phrase dating back to the sixteenth century.

Apparently, the expression comes from the practice of bakers adding one loaf to every twelve, primarily for fear of being fined for supplying fewer loaves than had been purchased. __ Aurelius, second-century Roman emperor : MARCUS 50.

The founding members chose the name for the REO Speed Wagon flatbed truck.

It does so by taking a series of two dimensional x-ray images while rotating the camera around the patient. “Brioche” is a French bread that has been enriched with lots of egg and butter, to the extent that it is also considered a pastry. In 1914, Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria was assassinated there, the single event that sparked off WWI.A beldam (also “beldame”) is an old woman, especially an ugly one. In Old English, the prefix “bel-” is used to express a relationship (as in “grandmother”), and “dam” is used in the sense of “mother”. More happily, Sarajevo was the host of the 1984 Winter Olympic Games.The ankh was the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic character for “eternal life”. The ankh wasn’t just used in inscriptions but was often fashioned into amulets and as surrounds for mirrors (perhaps symbolizing a view into another world).

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