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I like to see her in historical drama with lee jun ki , I think they are good on screen and acting ability to name a few...... Currently I'm watching Tree Of Heaven because of shin hye. i want you to be with veteran actors like LJG or gong yoo!! So ya, it confused me also, I keep on changing which one that I want to ship. Sometimes, I'm still hoping Lee Wan (her co-star in STH and Tree of Heaven) and PSH to reunite in a drama again as an adult.Congratulations for being the BEST ACTRESS 2016 and more power Congratulations Park Shin Hye for winning 2016 SBS Drama Best Actress & Ten Star Awards "Doctors"! I thought it was not good quality drama cause it was made in 2003. but i would love to see you paired against lee joon gi!! Whatever role she will take, mature and dark or cute and adorkable, I wish the best for her. She was also good with Soo Jang Wook in Kimcheed Radish Cubes where she played as a 23 year old girl who used when she was only 17. Because I'm really hooked on Tree of Heaven and wanting more to see them together.Just looking at you doing your things you love to do makes me inspire and wishes that i was you dong that stuff. But anyway God bless you shinhye and take good care of yourself always. Year 2016 I was diagnosed of a chronic illness but not contagious, instead of worrying i diverted my concerns to kdramas..i started to admire you during doctors crush days..portrayed the role very well, while watching your drama i cried & laugh as if I was the person or the role that your playing. I was so curious about your life that's why I watched YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL Flower Boys Next Door, Heartstrings, Kimcheed Radish Cube, my favorite character of yours PINOCCHIO , i cried a lot watching TREE OF HEAVEN (beautiful story- to SBS please broadcast this drama again in HD) , the unforgettable THE HEIRS. I dont suppose that you will ever see this message....anyway, thank you for helping me through a tough patch in life with your part in 'Doctors'. Damn it, I'm a girl but I love her so much, like truly love her! She's a natural beauty and is the most cutest and adorable girl in K-Drama industry. Good luck always PSH there is this comfortable chemistry, that effortless rapport & connection, exists between you and lee min ho on stage during the recent 2016 sbs drama awards. rooting for Lee Min Ho & Park Shin Hye in City Hunter 2 soon.Even your presence on documentary & variety shows , cameos were daebak, your family is so beautiful & so are you, i love you as if your my little sister.. I love your character and personality and the way you convey your feelings and kindness, even if at times it is 'tough love'... - my guess is that although you are an accomplished actress, you are a real and genuine person that does care for others. You look charming and attractive in Coach 1941 S/S 2018 ready to wear fashion Park Shin Hy. There is a saying "In order to succeed, we must first believe we can." We believe we'll see you in 'Yeowoo Gaksibyeol' soon. I love her since 2012 and till now, I still love her. Please don't overwork and have a good sleep, stay healthy! My first Korean drama was Heartstring and I been hook up with Korean drama ever since especially all PSH dramas and movies. It means that we all should wait a year or maybe more for parkshinhye's comeback to drama world... Lafyu i hope u can cast in a variety show like we got married or any others!"Stairway to Heaven" was highly successful and regularly received ratings in excess of 40%. Happy Birthday for the brightest light in our lives, Park Shin Hye! Like you, I've never admired and still don't another Korean actress as much as I do Park Shin Hye.Park Shin-Hye's entrance to the entertainment industry was now opened. It's really exciting, enjoyable and entertaining reading, seeing and watching more of you in all your work. You are my first korean artist to know that is not boring and you're genuine natural face without plastic surgery. I strongly believe that she's a natural beauty, I watched the Stairway to Heaven & Tree of Heaven she's pretty back then. You always strive for excellence by giving your 100% effort, for that you're an inspiration. She's the epitome of genuineness among a myriad of fake wannabes who are motivated by fame & money.

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In interviews she did to promote "Cyrano Agency," Park Shin-Hye stated that with her young age and inexperience in feature films, she didn't feel the need to land a starring role.[3] Park Shin-Hye also stated that peers she admires is actor Park Hie-Sun & actress Ko Du-Shim.[4] If you ever have the time to read this Park Shin Hye i so love you dearly. I'm looking forward to more movies and dramas from you this year. Shinhye i heard that chicago typewriter offer u as the main female leaad? I really dio hope that you accept this role (if u know that it'll be goodwhile reading the script)... I can't wait for her to do an action drama with either Chang Ji Wook or Lee Song Ki whom I also love.

I'm always looking forward to your upcoming drama, shows and movies and most especially your updates on Instagram. Fell in love when I saw her on The Heirs for the first time and became my most favorite actress ever since. Please don't get too thin, You look cutest with your chubby cheeks like in Heirs! I'm glad she's doing great, she's such a great person, always humble and grateful.

Agree with what you said "beauty comes from all of the hard work you put into your life over time." Eager to read your interview and full pictorial in April edition of Harper's Bazaar. I'm a big fan of yours all the way from Washington State and I will pray for you and many more awards for you for this year 2017. We got Married is also fine i would love to watch you in a variety show (maybe with ji chang wook lol)....... It's out in around 2011ish but I just watch it at 2012ish.

Give up the good work Shin Hye and God bless you and family always and forever. I would love to see Park Shin Hye paired up with Ji Chang Wook in an action drama...would slayed this and us. JUST PLEASEEE DONT LET ME WAIT ONE AND A HALF YEARS LIKE FROM PINOCCHIO (OCT/NOV 2014) TO DOCTORS (JUNE 2016)! I'm rooting for you to be Mulan in the live action movie. At first, I think Shinhye is really ugly with all that hair on her and I'm not interested with her at all, I'm just watching it for the sake of the good story lol As time passes, I stalk her for just being bored but I begin to be interested in every bit update about her @coco98.a surprise...

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According to Hong Sung-Chang, the director of "You're Beautiful," Park Shin-Hye and her male counterpart Jang Geun-Suk were cast for the lead roles due to their bright characters and the way they both excelled at dancing & singing. Although your visit with Park Jung Woo (PJW) & Lee Hyun-Soo was short yet it certainly left us feeling so delighted. Park Shin Hye, while waiting for one of your new projects, Blackened Heart, we're binge-watching you in these dramas & movies from My Annoying Brother, Doctors, The Beauty Inside, The Royal Tailor, Pinocchio, The Heirs, Miracle in Cell No. They could be "magical" twins who got separated at birth because of unavoidable circumstances that causes them to grow up with different families. Finally, we're able to see you in one of your latest projects, Silent Witness film, Park Shin Hye. Here are 10 reasons we will always love Park Shin Hye: 1. One of the things that makes her fun to watch is her variety of facial expressions. I liked the chemistry between you and Lee Wan oppa in "Tree of Heaven". I really hope you guys can play together anymore drama. Korea's True Sweetheart, your b-day's coming up soon.

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