Robert pattinson and emilie de ravin dating 2016

As we speak, de Ravin is about to finish shooting the final season of the hit show. That's one of the many things I love about film in comparison to TV." Although de Ravin clearly yearns for a film career, you can't help feeling that she isn't really cut out for Hollywood.Ask her where home is and she says emphatically: "Temporary home is LA.It was so close to filming that we didn't have time to rehearse.But she got it right from the beginning, so it was easy." De Ravin agrees that the best preparation was getting to know each other.So she's no red carpet virgin; it's just that it's not really her natural home. One of that frustrating breed of beautiful I-just-rolled-out-of-bed-and-this-is-how-I-look people. So, when she was filming scenes with RPattz, who spent the most time on their hair? Totally Rob," she grins, before shaking her head at the ridiculousness of the question and, more seriously, adding, "Neither one of us really did much. " she mimes messing up her hair with devil-may-care nonchalance. "Once in a while it's fun to dress up for a premiere," she shrugs.

It didn't ever feel like we were reading a scene or going through the motions." Watching Pattinson brooding or de Ravin screaming at her on-screen father (Chris Cooper), I have to ask: did they manage to have any fun on set?

I try to keep out of that." De Ravin is part of a new breed of celebrity – like Pattinson and his Twilight co-star Kristen Stewart – who shun the glamour and adulation that many see as a perk of the job.

When de Ravin slouched onto the red carpet at the London premiere of Remember Me recently, grinning awkwardly in her black Oscar de la Renta mini-dress, she and Pattinson looked as though they would rather be anywhere else.

Even if you're not looking at them, you're aware of it. "We're filming the next episode in a few days and I don't even have that script yet. With films, you have time to read the script properly and rehearse.

It can be hard to focus." It must have been a very different experience from filming Lost in the relative seclusion of Hawaii. You can develop a back-story and, by the time you start shooting, you know everything you need to.

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"If you're getting ready to do a really emotional scene then, right before it, you're probably not going to be outside playing basketball," she shrugs.

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