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Rhesus negative dating

Well, it is just something I was musing on - because I have AWFUL bad luck with people in general and they are often EXTREMELY HOSTILE to me - for no reason at all. And for the 85 -90% of the population that is Rh Positive - do certain people just "rub you the wrong way" and you're not really sure why? And maybe the clue as to why I encounter hostility so often.And then I saw the other Rh Neg people on the other forum saying that they too encounter much hostility for no reason...... Let me say that I am a very nice person, do OK in work, etc, but in general - MOST people do NOT like me and are often extremely rude to me.As for dating - I think I'm going to take an idea I got from the other forum - and look for "my own kind".In fact, as an experiment - I may make an online dating ad LOOKING FOR other Rh Negatives. Rh negs- if they have dna of the creator(aliens) and the creators were as amazing as they say then I would therorize that rh negs will have more ability to project thier energy(use the force Luke Anyway the force is a double edged sword...you go into the situation and your past has led you to generally expect the negativity..force will influence them.• You are responsible for all activity that occurs under your IP Address and device on this website, including your conduct and any User Content you provide or that you allow others to provide under your IP Address and device.

Entrance to this private establishment requires membership but not an account.Ah, but we have barriers between us and maybe some 'vibe' I give off - is thus not 'picked up'. This idea intrigues me greatly, especially from seeing the videos of Oliver the Chimp and the handlers who said that this Chimp was *shunned* by the other Chimps even while young. And it turns out his DNA sequence *was* rather odd.I do not ever act like a jerk, and in fact try hard to be "nice" and friendly. I don't think you could say that a baby Chimp "was an asshole". So were the other chimps picking up something, somehow, that he was "different"? Who else is Rh Negative here - do you encounter much hostility?Anyway, I never really thought much of it one way or another.Then, last night I was reading through this thread, here on ATS in the General Chit Chat forum - which is about an ape which walks on hind legs -

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Aha - but - here - you cannot "pick up any vibe" off me. I also saw it stated that Negs may have a certain scent.

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