Problem with dating a married man

This is not a church and I am not here to preach to anyone.

And I will not be the one to tell two consenting adults that what they are doing is wrong.

When you come to me claiming to be what you’re not and toil with my emotions it’s hard to forgive.

But if I am aware of the situation and still decided to go ahead, then it’s my decision.

Moreover I created this site to give practical advice without shaming or judging the lifestyle an adult has lived or lives.

I had a colleague some years ago who we all knew was married but yet date other ladies and sometimes they come to the office to see him.

So on one hand we have his wife who he isn’t fulfilling his vows to and on the other hand we have you who will never commit to. A man who is married and willing to leave his wife for you is an irresponsible man and will someday want to leave you for another woman.

Regardless of the reasons he gave you for seeking companionship and pleasure outside of his marriage.

Some of my colleagues then were always on his case, telling him how wrong it was that he was cheating on his wife. I simply asked him “Sir, are these girls aware you’re married?

” And he said yes, I never try to hide that I am married. And of course my colleagues thought I was encouraging him.

This is the group of women I am addressing with this article.

If you have decided to date a married man then here are some tips to be smart about it and not hurt anyone including yourself.

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Some reasons you might want to date a married man: You’re dating her husband, the least you can do is respect her. Oh my wife is this and that but you are nothing like her.

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