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Sometimes you need to be mean to get through the hell of everyday life and people don't like you for it, but you think, "hey, if I wasn't a little bit mean it's possible I wouldn't even be talking to you. Actually, all those basement flashbacks started getting on my nerves Ghaaaaaaa!!! Great characterization, nice and twisty plot, and I really love the title sequence :-).Everything you like about me might not have been possible without me standing up for myself." You can never be the person someone else wants all of the time. Ji Sung is good , when he acted like he is Ahn Yo Na , I love it . This is one of the best drama 's that I have ever watched. Actually the writer is quite creative by making this story with a leading men that has dissociative identity disorder. It's good to watch if your looking for romantic comedy with a bit of medical drama. I must say they all deserved to received those awards this drama was so good the storyline is awesome kudos to the writers and the actors here especialy ji sung who played a lot of character daebaaaaakkkk!!!!!!MSY wasn't in Korea at the time so she wasn't able to do anything.

I just rewatched it again and just fell in love with the drama all over again. I love the story line, the characters, and the acting. I dont know why many people dislike Hwang Jeung Eum and her acting saying that HJE Is over acting... Everything is Perfect, The Plot, The Cast, And the PLOT TWIST was very unpredictable! The brain of the scriptwriter is really in the whole another level! It was really the best, He Became Bad Boy, Girl, Old Man, Little Girl in this series! I had to skip a lot of boring scenes and stop watching at Ep 15.

The messages are powerful and equally well delivered by excellent execution. Like the previous comment says, she's constantly screaming and making a fuss out of nothing - no wonder people think she's the patient! He could quite control himself around Rijin but in any other situation he was a VERY dangerous person.

This is one of those rare shows which don't have useless scenes and dialogue at all. Dohyun was mature and responsible and that's why he survived.

hwang geum eum, although I think is very annoying actress, for her screaming, but she and park seo joon made the drama hilarious. but I think a bit off because I watched she was pretty first. I love how ji sung acted those 7 different personality and i speciallty fell in love with shin segi i like how ji sung and seo joon got the best couple award!!

among all the male and female nominees, a bromance couple won!!

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the chemistry between shin si ge and oh ri jin was much better and fiery than cha do hyun and oh ri jin...every episode where their is cha do hyun i miss shin segi...i also like cha do hyun but shin segi was more charming and his every dialogue was so cool and his gaze when with oh ri jin was daebakk........was also cuteee character.....overall ji sung did very good work here.... Not to mention how it is very hard to portray different characters because of the the main actor's DID. I was expecting maybe a bit of imperfections since it is very hard, but his acting blew me away. I felt like it needed more episodes and how the end part seemed kind of rushed. it's highly recommended :) Intriguing first half with some really funny stuff even though some lines are oh so so old like at 10pm this day i fall in love with you CHEESY line and recycled a zillion time but the director and writer manage to put a nice twist to it as to why and the poke of fun of it and the situation makes it really fun, entertaining and even thrilling, starts to lose steam in the middle part but ends with a decent ode in the last 2 finale episodes.

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