Intimidating team names for fantasy football

Intimidating team names for fantasy football

Naming your Fantasy football team is not nearly as important as drafting the right players.

But getting the right player can help you with that team name.

Sometimes I like to go with a generic team name until I see which NFL personnel I get, then I think of a catchy name that goes with one of my stars’ game or personality, or a TV show, movie or song title that fits his name. It doesn’t make sense to call your team Charles In Charge if you don’t draft Kansas City running back Jamaal Charles.

If you want to go that name-game route, click on the photo for some suggestions.

Or are you an old school guy, happy to use a time-honored Fantasy team name that your grandfather handed down from the ’50s? ) Whatever you choose, you want your Fantasy Baseball team name to be something that’s imaginative, interesting and awesome. If you happen to find out that some of your leaguemates have better Fantasy team names than you do, then do something that is sure to drive your opponents crazy — change your team name every few weeks to something awesome on this list! Several of the “So-Called Fantasy Experts” chipped in some great suggestions, so here’s a tip o’ the cap to Joe Bond, Dan Domenick, Chris Meyers, Michael Tomlin, Levi Serfoss, Stefan Zonia and Damian Schaab.

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