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winch prcfcribetlia Vormc of relieving and vcftlfying The benefit which from hcucciffiieth unto (lie Church of God, is iinfpe, livable. Which, how great * ( Stifle it is , the Wife-man reported) out true experience , w |, c n fie faith,? lurcly becatdc God hath the greateft ftrokc in thcle diftrefles of mind, and brings men tlirough all the temptations, that lie hath apoint- ed. j'fi St tali lc lii (1 Jiftrcflcariletli of a divine Temptation, [*21 Eg is a con mate with (did himfelfe immediately. I, and withall the partic di- ll, j | (ecl:s iomc c vid ent tokens of G ods wrath.

w " r ’" l)iftinguiflie h OTf 1)0 N, Printed by John Legal t and are to be fold at the hgn of the Crowuc in f Wr Church-yard* • jfclt F « * TO THE RIGHT HONG- RABLE, EDWARD, LORD Dcnnic Bavoti of Waltham, See. re- tf® veiled in the Wordof difpcnfcdty tho Prophets and Apoftks, of greater nlc and conic- cnience in the life of Man', then u tint . ra Tor fit ft, it fci'vcth todifeoverthe One of tho t Ungeroiuelt Sore that can lie, tl le Wound of the Spirit. l ot men will often bewray their ftiffenefle in temptation, and ufualhr it islotw before comfort can be received; and why? Of the firftlpeciail Diftreffe arifmg bf a di Yine temptation. this diftrelfe is when the conlcicncc ipeakes fbmc I Book Jfjr S this diftrelfe is when the conlcicncc f peakes fume fearcfiill things of Go.

* • *3° Whether an Oath‘s xtorted by fraud bindeth ? And our faviour Ghrilt faith , He that receivtth a ?

1 1 9 Whether aman is bound to keepe that Oath, upon taking Where- of there enfucth damage? Love here is not a caufc, but onely a figne of God love to us.

2 1 3 Whether the breach of a Locall Statute, hereunto A wants bound by corporal! Snell a fiimeis adultcrie onely, and thole that arc of that kind, properly agaiult the bodic : firll, bccaufc the bodic of the (inner, is both a furtlie- rinp canfc ofthe linns, and alfb that thing which lieabufctlia- gainft his own feife. The manthat is m forrow muft not be grieved oncly, bccaufeheisasother men we, afinner: but more cfpccially for this, and that particular finne, by which it comes to paflb, that he u fuel, or fucb a fo- r ( xm. And foiiutll he be muki- ftoodinthcphceto tlwtis,wwiiubishftag« of the world. I And to this Is added ( Setah, ) which is not onely a muhcall note: but as feme diinke a note of oblervatioo, to motive usto markc the things that are fot downc,asbcingoffjecia U weight andinoincnt.

3 1 ^ j, Hove Uv nicy eatc and dr irk 1 to the glory of God, and our o'A'ne j ;o comfort? Whereupon it is well anil trucly laid r n o nj in Schoolcs, In fmne there m nothing poflthe : but it is a. Jn lilte man- ner, when one man hits another, thinking that he Itilletli :t wild hcall ; if the fame man rcjncmbicth afterwards what lie hath done, and is not grieved for the faft, in this calc lie hath finned ; bccaulc his not grieving, isoffenfivc unto God, though the fail were mcercly Itcfidcsnis will.

315 Whether'A’emay With good conftience cate fiefh at times for- bidden ? The nature then or the finne lies not in the aftion , but in the manner of doing the aftion : and Sinnc properly is nothing form, illy fttb- r, fling or exiflittg ( for thcn God ihonld be the author of ir, 111 as muenashe is thecreatour and ordainer of every thing and afti- on ) hit It is an ataxit, or ablcnce ofgoodncl Te and uprigbtnctlc, in the tiling that lubfiftctli. lint many fitdulcfircs and delights, mile fuddcnly in the hear tof man,wnich ate not according to the law of God, and have no rodent or approbation of will.

16 e 102 Whither We may not Idbtftt Uy aft Recrtaticm , on thei Sabboth day ? Of the Nature and Differences of vcrluc, and the Order of the Qucftions. Now a finne of Coininil Ticnis, when a man doth any thing, that is flatly forbidden iti the Law and word of God : as when one inau kils another, contrary to the I.aw, which faith, Thun flmlt not kj! A finne of Oinil Tion is, when a man leaveth itnpci- Mu. he that injliftih the nttkfdttndwdu Mth the iufatvtn they bub are an abomination to the Lord. firft, that the nature of worldly borrow muft be altered by be- j nc turned, and chafed into Sorrow according to God.

Ho\' the Sabboth of the Nett Teft ament it to be tiferved? And by this we may conceive whaiis thclnnc againfl the holy t Thoft ; which is not every finne of pidump- t ion, or aeainft knowledge and conlctcncc : but India kind of prefuinptuous offence, in which true religion is renounced ^and 14 I Books. of precepts : the one wherein Ionic good thing is commanded to ucdon Cjastolovc God with ail onrhejrts; and our neigbonr as our Iclves : the other wherein fume cvill is forbidden to be done as the making of a graven I mage, the taking tire name of God in vainc, &c. Ninthly by defending another man in bis fame : for 1 7.1 5. ee whereby he muft firft be brought to fecund well to confidln his ownc finnes; fcwndly to grieve and to uc forr.c for them, at the leaft , for of the principal., And touching this Sorrow, two things muft be remembred.

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Tlnix the Heathen failed in doing good works, in tint the filings which they did, fbrfubftancc and matter were good and commendable, being done upon civill arid honeft rcfpe&s, and referred to the com- mon good ; yet in truth their ndions were nobetter then fins of omimou, in as much as they ifliicd from corrupted, foimtaiiies, liearts void of fiiith ; and aimed not at the maine end, and (cope of all humane aftious, tlie honour and glory of oorc, and all manner of laickan- he'd,. Udonr I lie ^ ^ ( & third is, the finne of Owesfie*, by the 1 lr.iclitcs m f- j ; ■ } ' (lynt, at tlie hand of v Lruo, and his task-mailers, l ie fourth, is 4ii J t J s mcrcilcfle Injutlicein wrougfoll wttlilioldnig and detuning the , 7 . Slimes againft the bodic, arc thofc in which it fclf is not oliely the initmment, but tile tiling abulcdalfo. This done, a Second care muft be lad, that tin* for finne be notconhifed, but a diftinft forrow. And men in tins i ,,aud nnttoenlargc the fame to all the poltcntje of Adm. / V » J J bed nefe, unto the Lord and thou forgave ft the pmtljhmtnt ofmy fame.

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