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After Year 5 of his reign, the plural form for "god" no longer appeared in any writing of that time.In keeping with his proscription against graven images, the scribes substituted phonetic spelling for those anthropomorphic and theriomorphic signs used in script.The consensus holds that prior to the Hebrew was bound together in a confederation of Semitic tribes.This political arrangement supposedly evolved over several centuries from associations of Semite-speaking groups of pastoral nomads.So strong was his animosity that in an act of theological intolerance never before experienced in that nation's millennia-long history, he dispatched agents throughout the land to shut down the god's temples and excise the offensive name from walls, tombs, statues, and inscriptions.

Additionally, historians accept that the crucial stages occurred in the twelfth or eleventh century BC, when hundreds of new settlements were founded in the hill country of central or the Hebrew people prior to the thirteenth century BC?(There is no extant portion of biblical text dated earlier than the third century BC.) The final version attempted to weave a seamless narrative out of a diverse collection of contradictory historical claims that reflected clashing political philosophies and opposing religious doctrines.The resulting compilation indicates numerous compromises with the truth.and due to the publisher's subsequent copyediting and minor revisions this text may vary slightly from the published version.) Who were the earliest Israelites?Where did they come from and under what circumstances did they rise to power in ?

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