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[Read: 14 little things you do that’ll make your girl feel incredibly secure and happy] Don’t just blame your girl for being the insecure one if you’re doing most of the things mentioned above.But if you’re willing to change or have made a lot of these changes and your girlfriend is still unhappy, then maybe it’s time to cut yourself some slack.You’re so caught up with the moment that you totally forget to introduce your girlfriend to them. Do not just bring her to a party packed with all your friends only to leave her in one corner. You don’t have to fake a compliment every time there’s something new, but at least say something when she has a new haircut or when she just bought new lingerie. Let’s just say you’re best friends with your ex and you really don’t want to lose her.Sometimes, it’s really your rudeness that makes her insecure. But let’s not forget that you had sex with your ex a lot of times in the past.Similarly, it’s also the little things that you do that make her feel inadequate. Looking at your girl when she’s talking will not only make her feel respected, but it will also make her feel that she’s interesting, therefore making her feel intimate with you.Insecure women – 12 things men do that make women feel insecure As a guy, if you believe you’re doing everything right in the relationship, and still find that your girl feels insecure in the relationship, you’re probably doing one or more of these things. Remember what they say about the eyes being the window to our soul? If your eyes wander when she’s talking, it’s an instant mood killer.She is bound to lose interest in sharing her thoughts with you because you’re obviously not interested in them.

If she’s made an effort to look good and you don’t give a damn, it’ll be a big blow to her self-esteem. The only woman who can tolerate your friendship with your ex is someone who doesn’t give a damn. She shouldn’t be a part of the world that you create together, right? If you do this too often to your girl, she’ll start to feel like you’re excluding her from your life.

Every girl, no matter how cool she appears to be, gets a bit jealous when you’re with another girl.

Yep, even if she’s just your best friend, and even if she’s not so attractive. So the next time you hang out with your best friend, make sure to tag your girlfriend along so they can get to know each other better.

Just make sure you won’t get jealous if she gets very close with her ex, too. This will only make your girlfriend feel a bit uncomfortable and insecure about herself. That’s fine if you’ve just been together for a few months, but if you’ve been together for more than a year yet you’re still hiding her from your friends, don’t be surprised if she gets insecure. If you love someone, you’re willing to shout their name until all the world knows you’re together. Simply uploading a photo of you together on Facebook is a big thing for your girl. Maybe it’s fine if you’re keeping secrets from her just to protect her, but if you’re keeping secrets from her because you’re scared she’d judge you or you’re scared she’d tell her friends, then you better deal with your other issues.

But if you really want to talk about her or it can’t be helped, simply assure her that you have no feelings for her whatsoever. If social media is not your thing, then at least embrace her in public. Tell her your secrets, but make her promise not to hate you or not to share it to anyone else.

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[Read: 18 signs you may be having an emotional affair without realizing it] #5 When you don’t introduce her to friends. It will make her feel isolated and unwanted, and she’ll likely ask herself endlessly if she’s not special enough to be introduced to your buddies. You invite her to go with you to your friend’s party. Do you really have to be side-by-side like Siamese Twins?

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