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Similarly a Leo woman will expect to be center the attention in practically every situation but especially in social ones.And woe betides the man who forgets this cardinal fact.A Leo woman won’t run around you, looking for attention but she does know the subtle tactics that will get her what she wants.Leos are known for sticking to things that they decide upon.While dating this woman, remember that she thinks and likes to live like a queen.So if you want to impress her, take her to the most expensive restaurant you can afford, get the best seats at a concert and make sure she sees you leaving a hefty tip to the valet.It’s the quality and strength of her relationship that matters to her.People belonging to the Leo zodiac sign are usually outgoing.

She knows exactly what attracts men to her and she knows how to do that well.

They are also often called egotistical because of this trait but for them it’s like they have sworn to do something and just won’t give up until it is done.

Even in a relationship, a Leo woman will stick to her promises and decisions. Good thing is that a Leo woman puts a lot of thought into her decisions and hence, it’s hardly ever wrong for her.

Her wits and charm will have you hooked throughout. They care about their personal life, career and the things that affect them. However, when they truly commit themselves to somebody, they most often, put their partner up on the priority list.

One of the most spectacular signs of the Zodiac, a Leo seeks warmth and attention in personal relationships.

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She is apt to have a colorful but stylish wardrobe and love jewelry like diamonds which make her dazzle in the crowd.

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