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If it can’t find new problems with old code, then it isn’t worth its salt!So we want it to complain about your existing code. Here’s how we are going to try to strike that balance: on existing code, even when it is actually written in a null safe way.Tony Hoare, one of the absolute giants of computer science and recipient of the Turing Award, invented the null reference!It’s crazy these days to think that something as foundational and ubiquitous was I call it my billion-dollar mistake.And once you are, your code would look like it’s swearing at you, with punctuation? The nonnullable ones are already there, at least syntactically.A consequence of this design choice is that to find bugs in existing code.It has to be in a way that can help you find bugs in existing code without forcing you to rewrite everything. I guess you could push your source code into the future by adding a Roslyn analyzer that would complain at you for every “legacy” reference type to. In a certain weird way we want something that’s people have a middle name.The first major problem is that C# does not let you express your intent: is this variable, parameter, field, property, result etc. But that would lead to a sea of warnings until you’re done. Thus we get to the reason we call this language feature “nullable reference types”: Those are the ones that get added to the language.

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We would love for you to install the prototype and try it out on your code! 😄) Your feedback is going to help us get the feature exactly right before we officially release it.

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