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Now obviously, her husband had a reputation for being righteous, and very dedicated, when it came to doing the work of the Lord.

And even though he had incurred, a major financial debt, we don't find Elisha refuting the wife's description of her husband, when see made the claim, he was a good, God-fearing man.

When I decided to start a blog, I wanted to devote a section of it to ideas that are popular in modern Christendom but are simply not true.

I call these “Christian Myths,” and you can see the ones I have written about so far.

However, after this had happened, Ahaziah's younger brother Jehoram, ends up taking over the throne.

"A certain woman that was the wife of one of the sons of the prophets, cried out to Elisha, saying; 'Your servant, my husband, is dead. But the creditor in whom he'd owed, is coming to take my two sons away, in order to be his slaves.'"As we can see, the passage just pointed out, the widow was the wife of a fellow prophet, that had belonged to one of the Prophet Academies, Elisha was now a master over.

In the last article we'd learned, thanks to God, Jehoram and his allies, were victorious, when it came to finally crushing Mesha's rebellion.

Remember that Mesha, had decided to rebel against Israel, after king Ahab had died.

He resided in Florida until his passing some years ago.Ahab's son Ahaziah, had taken over the throne, but very early on in his reign, he would suffer a very tragic fall.Therefore, keeping him from being able, to quell Mesha's rebellion, before it had started picking up steam, from throughout the land.Understand that Jehoram, would turn out to be, not only Ahab's youngest son, but his last.Nevertheless, after Jehoram had taken over the throne, he wasted no time, when it came to setting out to crush Mesh'a rebellion.

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