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Original Value of the column for the row, and if it was null, then we can simply reset that value to null.I'm just playing around right now with how best to do this...However, the Data Grid View is always one click behind.It is critical that the string is updated at the time of the click.It also occurs when the user presses and releases the SPACE key while a button cell or check box cell has focus, and will occur twice for these cell types if the cell is clicked while pressing the SPACE key.To determine when the cell contents are clicked, handle the Cell Content Click event.Then, you can do anything in that If block to change the values of other cells.

I know how we can do this, however, I just need to know how you bind your datagrid... If you let me know, I'll write you a handler so that we can examine the value in your validating event, and if the date is not proper, we can examine the underlying datasource, and view the .I've tried all the suggestions, some of them very bizarre, but I still can't get the Data Grid View to update at the time the user clicks on the checkbox. Then place the following code in the Current Cell Dirty State Chang The problem was with the code on the right side of the equals sign: Me.dgv(Me. As soon as the user clicks on a checkbox cell, the string is updated immediately & the values of other checkbox cells are changed appropriately.I thought Microsoft's help screen for the Current Cell Dirty State Changed event was weak.Sql Connection(Te Bound is absolutely the correct term. Then the user lands on the cell by mistake, types any character, realizes he is on the wrong cell and trys to move, now he's in big trouble. Item property is really only meant to access other rowstate values...What you've done, is retrieved information from the database, and bound it to a dataset. From this point on the dgv requires a date, or a null. Anyways, glad you got it to work, although, try just using the columnname, rather than the datarow's . Anyways, glad you got it, and let me know if that does work...

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