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Cbs 3 dating show premiere

In this developmental period the growth of network television news was hindered by the decision of the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) to "freeze" new TV licenses between 19, until it could sort out channel allocations and decide on a standard for color TV.In 1948, at the beginning of the freeze, there were only 34 TV stations broadcasting in 21 cities to about one million TV sets.On Network News: Television news in the United States was born of network radio.The National Broadcasting Company (NBC) began network radio service in November 1926 and CBS signed on 25 September 1927.Television was ready for its full-scale launch, but the demands of the war kept the new medium at parade rest until 1945.It was 1947 before the television networks were formed, even though the networks' stations in New York presented some news programming in 1946.Still pictures were mounted on easels so that studio cameras could photograph them.Developing film for moving pictures and transporting it to New York usually meant that the film available for newscasts was outdated by the time of broadcast.

The cable enabled the electronic, rather than physical, transportion of television news stories.

But both networks faced other major competitors, the newspaper publishers, who tried to eradicate news on radio.

Indeed, broadcast journalism was truly born of this battle.

ABC Television, which traced its heritage to the forced sale in 1943 of one of NBC's two radio networks, began regular news broadcasts in 1948.

A struggling fourth network, Du Mont, broadcast news from 1947 to 1949, halted news programming until 1953, then went out of business in 1955.

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Still, Edwards' audience ratings lagged behind The Camel News Caravan with John Cameron Swayze until the early 1950s.

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