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She said she went straight back to work about two days after getting back and should have taken some time off to finish the experience more.

She seemed to find getting back to different priorities - like general material ambitions - difficult.

After Survivor, a lot of rumours, you know the blogs and the websites and rumours goes out and so this magazine, Instinct Magazine (gay mag) tried contacting but I never ever returned their phonecalls ‘cos I wasn’t ready and I was scared and I knew what they were trying to do.

Then when they found out I was doing the Janice Dickenson show and asked her if I was interested so when a magazine is asking you, and Janice Dickenson’s asking and you have all these websites making rumours and then I was on Perez Hilton and all this weird stuff started going on, it just makes you say, “You know what, you might as well come out.” I think I was just ready at tat point and I did, so that’s me. He passed away so we never had that moment of closure, like a moment of like - I never came out to him - he passed away without me being honest, completely honest.

On Tuesday night actor-model type JP Calderon got voted out of the fourth episode of Survivor Cook Islands when the chicks rightly turned on him for ordering them around.

Between the show being on in the US and here, JP's been up to all sorts of things.

Because the tribe seemed to be complaining about his bossiness, or arrogance, in the show clips.("Project Runway aka Brad"?? It irritates me madly too Lingo/Fingo (hehe) - it's why I said everyone always says that.

As far as I'm concerned the way something's put together is the storyline the director saw and those things happened no matter how it was edited together.

We never really had like a father/son relationship, it was more you know, he provided, he gave me what I needed to survive.

I always say one's childhood determines one's future.

Thanks for the interview Tash, wonder if we will get to see this particular season of Janice Dickenson, he does come across a a nice guy but they all generally do.

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In the 21st century, people are too busy with their lives and they do not find any time to socialize.

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If it wasn’t for my dad dying I wouldn’t have come out - I wouldn’t have done Survivor if my dad hadn’t passed away.

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