Are my looks intimidating dating for broke people

Are my looks intimidating

I have a terrible time making female friends, other than other models.You want to have friends outside of your work circle.That does not make me shallow.” Number 4: “People always think that I am dumb and vacuous.You cannot look like me, and survive in this world, especially this town, by being vacuous.” Number 5: “People have no empathy for me. She has never suffered a day in her life.’ I was devastated by that comment.” Number 6: “I cannot wear normal clothes because everything looks too sexy on me.

It is demoralizing.” Number 9: “Men become so sexually excited when they get in bed with me, they ejaculate prematurely.

It also happens with very insecure women who just want to be my friend to live vicariously through my experiences.

It is very painful to discover that your friend does not really like you, but rather is trying to use your looks to shore up their ailing self-esteem.” Number 8: “Society forces me to rely on my looks, and then condemns me for exploiting my looks. I will admit it, people do things for me that they would not do for less attractive people. People have always gravitated to my looks, not my capabilities.

On the one hand, it feels kind of weird to even say I’m looking for a successful woman.

Men do seem to be forthcoming about some things they’re looking for (body type, for one), but less so about others.

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There is a common misconception among women that men are intimidated by success and that they might scare off potential suitors if they become too two self-sufficient.

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