Aph england dating game

Aph england dating game

And now (5/13/15), I have a new streamlined site -the other ones will now just be a media/extras site -that hosts my fanfiction completely (as well as some stories that are unpublished and just on my flashdrive but has had a lot of work done for them). Alex doesn't know how to cope with the grief of losing a sister that knew she was going to die while trying to save a Worldkiller. God's meddling has started a chain reaction, but to what end? * Raven had a chance to choose someone else before Hell would be unleashed and choose for her. Adult Only: sexual content language death I don't own anything other than the plot, OCs and ideas.

I will also have challenges/prompts hosted there, so take a look once that's been posted. Felicity Dream Fanfics wix website = streamlined for just fanfiction, reading needs. When First Order recruitment reaches an all-time low, Supreme Leader Snoke orders Kylo Ren and General Hux to create a new series of advertisements. Never did she dream the man she hoped would be strong enough to stand by her side would be the Titans number one enemy. Ezra is a fifteen-year-old who lives with his adopted sister, Sabine, and his adopted mother, Hera, at Lothal's Opera House. Male XMale Rated: T for now(I'm horrible at summaries) OC is Dr Fletcher's niece.

I can continue to write and be happy and do it for me.

Posting is really more or less for you guys, and because I enjoy entertaining people with my stories. So, I like to write oddball pairings (usually ones that are unheard of and I'm the one that actually came up with it -I just get drawn over to a certain pairing and become obsessive towards it -shrugs-).

Or (as of 3/4/14) my Wattpad account (because people think they can steal my stuff and post it there): Wattpad: eri_quin. I have a collaboration account with some friends that deal with Pokemon stories! But in Arkham City, it's the two of them together in his pokey little hideout. Problem is, she doesn't know what she thinks she does. Casefic with supernatural elements set starting early season 1. Tony has a lot of problems between his weird assistant and a depressing kid. But she ends up teaching him far more than he can teach her... Because life never really ended on a happy note, not when your name was Harriet Potter and you were being sent on an undercover mission. Bilbo felt the gap the journey had made between him and his neighbors keenly.

If you could check it out and fav, alert and ESPECIALLY review, it would be much appreciated. Male/Male, Het Merlin has just arrived in Camelot and has already revealed himself to Gaius by using magic to save him. He has also revealed himself to King Uther, who was watching from the shadows. Or will he decide that Merlin was meant to be a gift from the Gods? Sequel to my other Buster XAsh story, "Story Not Told". Meanwhile, Ash must keep her relationship a secret, gather money for his medical expenses, and deal with an obnoxious ex-boyfriend. He longed to see mountains, to dine with elves, to take the Lakemen up on their invitation of lodgings.

Please try to not clog my inbox asking for updates. Which goes with my usually not writing canon, because canon's been done and I prefer to write something different and something that could let me be unique, original, creative, and generally allow me to go out of the box and do something to challenge myself.

My inbox is full of PMs that just keep coming and piling on top of each other. As for replies, I'm sorry I get lazy, forgetful, etc. I'll try to get back to people that had questions/something significant to say other than "Update".(My profile is currently acting strange and underlining everything, so...)About me? And something to challenge myself like that is that I prefer to write 'age differences' stories, yaoi/slash (yes, I am a proud fujoshi), again -strange pairings (I love trying to make them work), AU's and/or what if's, mental/physical disorders and/or trauma, reverse!

The Regions Legends My first forum: Box of Pandora Pairings Rare pairings forum, with challenges soon to come. Lena is unmoored once she learns who Supergirl truly was. But then he met a stranger on the main road and heard something long forgotten in the Shire. When Lucifer Morningstar is found half dead in the desert, Chloe Decker is determined to find out why. As Chloe's world is flipped upside down by incontrovertible evidence of the divine, Lucifer grapples with feelings of violation and futility.

I get constructive criticism I reserve the right to defend or explain myself if I can. I've been a veteran of this site for over a little over a decade (reading and writing), and only recently have come across assholes a lot more frequently than before. Narcissa is actually the source of the Malfoy family's wealth—and not because she inherited the Black fortune, either. But now she's retired, and intent on using all her skills to make sure her baby boy gets what he wants.

This is supposed to be for the BENEFIT of the reader, so that I can help them see what's going on (especially since it's usually a point that isn't explained and wasn't supposed to be until later, but SOMEBODY'S got to complain -I don't mind so much if the person's being nice and/or is genuinely confused, but when you're telling me I'm stupid or something like that, I'm taking offense). I'll be polite first time around; you want to keep going, I'll fuck you over and put you on blast. And you know me, sort of XD Thank you for listening, and enjoy your flight into Wonderland. BOY JESSE (Changed summary)/ AU / After enduring Edward's oppressive fixation with her, Bella finds true love with his father Carlisle, the gentle and compassionate vampire physician. " After Charlotte Louise Potter suffers a metal breakdown that causes her to loose her prestigious Auror position she doesn't know what to do. Two days and several drinks later Charlotte finds herself in Captain America's bed. If that's Harry Potter, then Harry Potter he shall have.

And also for irony, emphasis, or some form of drama. So if grammar is wrong in a place, usually it's on purpose. His parents aren't who they thought they were, and he's left facing a truth about himself that leaves him uncertain about his future. Pieter, it seems, is on the same page as her, and for the first time in their open relationship wants another person. Repercussions of their actions and decisions lead to heartache. This comes in handy, as most people receive their soulmates in pairs. Hopes are low and their situation dire, but one thing leads to another and Kurosaki Ichigo is sent to the past to kill the megalomaniac before he gains immortality.

Especially for run-ons, because certain characters (or people in general can get like that) ramble, especially in their heads and especially when panicked : DI try to write a minimum of at least 2000 words per chapter (40 KB), but I'm happier with more. Harry takes charge of his own life and takes his seats on the Wizengamot with Hermione and Ron's help. Seeing their little mouse alone at the bar proves the perfect opportunity to see exactly where this goes. Without feeling her against him, even for one night, he felt as though he would perish. For Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes, their soulmate relationship was the closest in the world, and n Naruto fails in her attempt to stop the Infinite Tsukoyomi but is not cast under its spell because her ideal world is one where she doesn't exist. And someone had the bright idea to bring him back to England. Only thing is, his trip might have sent him a tad too far back. Things did not turn out well at the last second, so of course Urahara has a reset button.

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