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On the other hand, ADD was also known for its unpopular doctrines like no haircuts (even trim) for women, no long hair for men, no jewelries (except wedding rings), no drinking of alcohol, no smoking, no watching in cinema (with some exception e.g.

Daniel Razon’s movies on selected movie houses), no eating of blood stew (dinuguan) and balut (a filipino dish), and (more-like conservative) women’s clothing.

A few were somehow easy to deal with like not eating the food served during Christmas, or not attending religion-related occasions or church ceremonies (e.g.

wedding, baptism, feast, etc), but there had also been very challenging ones.

A Typical Religious Person I grew up in a typical Filipino Catholic family where it is mostly the elderly who are very religious, and the young kids would not have any choice but to go along with them. On a typical week, we prayed before each meal and before going to bed, went to church on Sundays, and even gave basket offerings on special occasions (nice, huh? However, as I grew older, the frequency of going to church lessened to as much as going to church only when there is an occasion e.g. More so, while praying is still being done, it was only as individual not communal, praying as a family was gone; the 3pm prayer habit and 6pm novena were no longer done – they were simply left out.

At a very young age, my parents introduced the Bible to me, the necessity for prayer and devotions, and the fact that there is God. It then dawned on me, is church only for the kids, the women, and the elderly?

It felt like I was in the true church with the right doctrines and a God-sent preacher.There’s prayer meeting on Wednesday-Thursday night, Thanksgiving service on whole Saturday and Worship service on half of Sunday.If you failed to attend the Thanksgiving service on Saturday, there’s a recap on Tuesday (schedule normally differs per locale).God’s Divine Set-Up I was so fired up and absorbed on ADD’s doctrines during that time that I was just so eager to talk to anyone and discuss matters of faith.I even joined different religious forums (online chat boards, pseudonym: Leroy) and there I had discussions, to the extent of having debates, with members of other religions.

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As years went by, I grew more and more interest in watching him on TV and in listening to his radio programs because he is able to answer the questions being thrown at him – live and on the spot, which is something I do not normally see in other churches.

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